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Finding inspiration in Iceland

I am cursed (bessed?) with the travel bug, and going somewhere new seems to be the solution to any number of life's challenges--so I found myself in Reykjavik for a quick trip at the end of September. In addition to a rather whimsical and silly set of reasons (will someone think I'm related to Björk??) I've been wanting to go to Iceland because it has its own yarn and traditional knits. Yarn is even one of the souvenirs they have on display for the thousands of tourists who now descend on the little island country. At the lovely Handknitters Association of Iceland, I found my own little heaven! Skeins and skeins of beautiful Lopi yarn in dozens of brilliant colors. My only regret: that I didn't get more! I am thrilled I get to design new hats and scarves with this yarn in the coming months.

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