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Imori sews!

I have always loved the more, shall we say, domestic crafts, like sewing, cooking, and of course knitting. This often comes as a surprise to people because I don't seem like someone who does these things. I think these activities are usually associated with, um, "softer" people with less of an edge? The girl who got called the "Mean Japanese History Girl" by another student in grad school just doesn't seem like the sort to go home and take up knitting needles. Well, that's just prejudice! I can scare people in discussions and make cute things at the same time! (And people who scare easily in discussions who are also trying to get a PhD are pursuing the wrong line of work if you ask me! But I digress...)

Look, progress! The toilet and kitchen sink are now both in my bedroom!

The "situation" I described in my last post has still not gotten fully sorted out, and I continue to rely on the incredible generosity of friends who have opened their homes to me in both San Diego and LA. One great result of that is I have access to a sewing machine at the moment! My amazing friend Kelly is a very creative and gifted sewer, and I've often joined her with my knitting needles while she's worked on her own projects in her garage/workshop. Over the last couple of years during my trips to Japan, I've been picking up lots of bits of amazing Japanese fabric at the best fabric store in the world, Nomura, in Kyoto. (Which I recently mistakenly called Nakamura even though I should remember the name because Nomura is my mom's maiden name...) I had been talking to Kelly off and on about using her sewing machine to make something with all the fabric scraps I'd been collecting. I used to love sewing. But I hadn't touched a sewing machine in about 20 years. But since I am staying with her and her husband, now seemed like a great time to actually get back onto the sewing horse (not to mix metaphors).

So right before Christmas, we got started on a joint project: making adorable little card wallet/cases. Under her capable guidance, I tackled my first sewing project in YEARS, and it turned out great! I made another (both were presents), and decided it was time to branch out and add some sewn things to my store.

And so last week, we opened up the Anderson-Hyberger "sweatshop"! Here are a few of mine, in the earliest stages:

There were a few mishaps here and there that required me to put myself back on machine probation (I still require some supervision because I seem to have inherited my dad's weird energy that makes machines go haywire. Thanks dad!) But by the end of a couple days of working in her shop, this is the result!

These are now all available at my etsy shop, They fit standard sized business cards or credit and debit cards. Some of the fabric came all the way from Kyoto! I'm really excited about expanding what I offer at my store, and I hope you'll like these as much as I do.

Also, Kelly has her own etsy shop, and she hopes to update it soon. Please support her too! Her shop is TheWildHareCo.

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