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Where did the time go?

Somehow between my last post and now, a few months have gone by. Is this just part of getting older, that you completely lose track of time? Maybe this is a micro version of the "wait, didn't that just happen last year? Oh, that was 10 years ago?" horror I seem to experience more and more these days. Like the other day, when I finally got see a dear friend from childhood for the first time in ages, we both shuddered when we realized we hadn't seen each other in 20 years. How are we old enough for that to be a thing??? We are pretending it's only been like 5 years. Because we can't be this old. But I digress!

So the biggest cause of my blog tardiness is that things have gotten incredibly busy in the other parts of my life. I am now in charge of an exhibit on Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in the incarceration centers where Japanese Americans were held during World War II (do you know any elderly Japanese Americans who were scouts during camp??? Send them my way! We're interviewing people so we can capture their memories!) And I've been working on a couple other museum projects that make me feel like I'm contributing towards something good and will also help pay the bills. Double win!

My knitting work has also been pretty busy. In early October, I participated in kokoro, the annual Japanese American National Museum craft boutique.

imoriknits is in the house!

I also received my very first custom order from someone I didn't know! Not only that, it turned out she was a Japanese women studying in California, so we were both surprised but excited to have our discussion about what design to use, how big, etc, in Japanese. I was quite pleased with the final product, and it appears so was she!

Custom gloves, made to order.

After a very busy few weeks, I am now in Japan for my annual "attempting to be a good daughter for a few weeks" trip. I am hoping to post more regularly while I am here, especially as I come across new inspirations for my knitting designs. So stay tuned!

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